Everyone is their own best doctor. You just need to find all the pieces of the healing puzzle!

From Sickness To Health – Now! is dedicated to helping people to reverse any kind of health issue or disease. What modern medicine has failed to tell us, is that all health trouble (whether it’s fatigue, mild skin issue, autism or stage 4 cancer) has root causes deeper in the body. These root causes include high-toxicity, parasites, nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, plus related issues such as non-optimal stomach acid level, hormone imbalance and many others. By removing these underlying and often ”invisible” causes, the body can actively start to do its job, which is to heal and repair.

The body constantly renews itself, including cells, organs, muscles and bones. It does that by using the resources we provide it (meaning: nutrients, oxygen, water etc.). When harmful substances are present and the body is lacking essential nutrients, the healing process is severely compromised. As time goes by and these issues persist, more damage accumulates which then results in imbalances in the biochemistry. We know this as ”diseases”.

About Me

My journey towards true health started when I was continuously told ”there is nothing wrong with you” by dozens of medical professionals. It was clear my health had fallen apart; I was having pretty much every health issue you can think of! I was this ”mystery case” doctors wanted out of their offices. After seeing several specialists over a hundred times (no exaggeration there) and spending a fortune on treatments and products that only made my health worse… I had an aha moment and finally started to look for another route. It took several years for me to understand that western medicine is not meant for healing. I too (like most of us) had the belief that doctors are the ones that will solve my issues and ”make me healthy again”. During almost a decade of researching and actual healing, I learned that I have the power to restore the balance in my body. I’m now in fortunate position to help others do the same!

- Anni