The combo package contains:

  • guideline for healing nutrition
  • information about essential nutrients
  • supplement & herb recommendations
  • powerful detoxification tools
  • everyday healing methods
  • tips for creating a healing lifestyle
  • details about root causes of health issues and how to address them

… and more!

This combo package of my deep healing guides for adults and children contains perfect tools towards reaching the best health of your life! I believe we all are our own best doctors, once we just have all the pieces of the healing puzzle.

These guides are applicable to reversing any health issue, disease or injury (e.g. from vaccines), regardless of the current situation. With this combo, your whole family can reach a whole new level of well-being! The guides are excellent for learning a more natural, holistic way of living.

Both products are completely cruelty-free.

The ebooks are in PDF-format, accessible on any device. Based on over 8 years of research and experience.

The guides will be accessible immediately after purchase and also delivered to the email address you submit at checkout.

These ebooks do not contain a magic solution to anything. (As there is no such thing.) The results will depend on the effort put in!