This 34-page ebook contains:

  • guideline for healing nutrition
  • information about essential nutrients
  • supplement & herb recommendations
  • powerful detoxification tools
  • everyday healing methods
  • tips for creating a healing lifestyle
  • details about the root causes of any health issue and how to remove them

… and more!

Deep healing & detox guide for children of all ages! Includes techniques for babies, toddlers and older children.

This guide is designed to give parents tools to help their children heal, in a completely natural way. The guidance & tools in the book are applicable to reversing any health issue, disease or injury (e.g. from vaccines). Mild or severe. This guide is great for people who are looking to learn to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle.

The guide is completely cruelty-free.

The ebook is in PDF-format, accessible on any device. Based on over 8 years of research and experience.

The guide will be accessible immediately after the purchase and also delivered to the email address you submit at Checkout.

This ebook does not contain a magic solution to anything. (As there is no such thing.) The results will depend on the effort put in!